Beads, beads, beads

Wire wrapped stone pendant and glass earrings
Another distraction that has been occupying my time has been jewelry making. I took a few class this past weekend and was able to cross off a few things on my to-do list.....(the pictures aren't that great, knitting is a lot easier to photography).

I'm happy to have finally learned how to wire wrap pendants and "donuts" and I'm incredibly happy that I finally can do tubular peyote stitch. I have to admit I thought peyote stitch would be a lot easier than wire wrapping but I was totally wrong. I struggled with the peyote stitch but luckily the teacher had lots of patience with me and I finally got it. Once I understood what I was supposed to be doing I absolutely loved it. While I'm used to reading knitting patterns, beading patterns are a whole other thing. It takes some getting used to but I'm looking forward to learning more about beading and finally using some of the beads that I've been acquiring off and on for years. I know my husband will be glad that I finally start using some of the stuff I've been acquiring although he probably realizes that it is just another craft mess waiting to happen! I can't help it though, so many cool crafts to do and so little time!!!

Tubular Peyote Beaded Necklace

Alpaca Jelly Fish

MS3 is on hold while I've been working on this:

Audrey Scarf - Designed by moi for the Crochet Cafe

I've learned that I'm obsessed with Royal Baby Alpaca yarn from Misti Alpaca. I thought my obsession with sock yarn was bad, but I have a feeling this will get me into more trouble.

I've also learned that if you click the wrong button in your photo tweaking software you can make your scarf look like this:

Alpaca Green Jelly Fish

Now I'm not sure if Misti Alpaca comes in lime green but I'm kind of liking the green/blue bead combination. I think I must click the mystery button more often.....