This week I've been trying to pay attention to the little things that bring me joy. Thanks to the Wish*full Art Retreat I have been exploring some new blogs lately and I've been getting a lot out of challenging myself to try new avenues of creativity.   I've particularly enjoyed the blog of Kimberly Wilson, Doorways Traveler, Creative Every Day , and iHanna's blog.  With so much inspiration online I've been trying to do something creative every day. Much to my surprise this is a lot easier that I anticipated.  Whether its going to the pottery studio to glaze my pots, taking pictures, knitting, collaging, painting, art journaling, or researching books at the library I've managed to be creative every day and I'm thriving.

Each day I'm waking up energized and excited for the day.  Living with MS makes energy a luxury so I've learned to enjoy it while I can.  Who knew being so creative could have such energetic and therapeutic results?  I'm appreciating the little victories too whether it be finding a great picture for a collage, finishing a quilt block that I thought would never get done, or simply finding a pretty flower in my yard its been nice to just slow down and take it all in for a change.  If I've learned anything about living with MS thus far is that the one thing I can constantly count on is change. Sometimes its minute by minute, hour by hour or day by day I just never know.  Being someone that has NEVER deal with change well being diagnosed with MS was some kind of sick joke but as time goes on I'm coping better.  I'm learning to enjoy the good days and try not to get caught up in the anxiety of worrying what's going to happen next.  It's an ongoing process but I'm really beginning to understand how important being creative is to me.  These past few days I'm realizing that by silencing my fears, tapping into my inner artist, and just following my heart I will thrive!


This weekend I participated in an online art retreat that helped my creative spirit soar!  I journaled, doodled, painted, drew, scribbled, collaged, photographed and unleashed my inner child.  It was powerful, inspiring, and most of all it really filled me with joy.  

I've dabbled in various art classes over the years.  There's been knitting, spinning, pottery and beading but secretly I've always wanted to take the type of courses that were offered during the Wish*full art retreat. Each course was unique, playful and inspiring.  Each of them helped me to express myself in a different way.  Some parts were a little more challenging than others because it helped me to realize that often times the only thing stopping me from unleashing my creativity is me.  I'm so thankful for such an inspiring weekend and I look forward to implementing what I've learned in an on-going promise to myself to keep creating and embrace the whimsical aspects of life.

Sock Camp

Ok you know you haven’t blogged in a while when you can’t remember your password!

 I’ve put blogging off for a while, but after a recent trip I couldn’t wait to blog again.

What could get me blogging again…..that’s easy…..Sock Camp!!!

A few weeks ago I attend session one of Sock Camp in Port Ludlow Washington and it was an amazing experience.  Having never gone to “camp” as a kid I was quite happy to partake in my first camp experience and it was epically fun. There were excellent classes, arts & crafts and silly evening antics. 

This was my first sock camp and it blew me away.  I had a professor that used to say that “archaeology is the most fun you can have with your pants on…”  and while archaeology is pretty fantastic he clearly never attended Sock Camp!
Knitting, dyeing yarn, scavenger hunts, button making, crazy suessical sock puppets, beach combing, hanging over the edge of a dock to look at sea critters, hiking to waterfalls and touring nearby Port Gamble.  Seriously an amazingly good time was had!  It was really nice to be able to spend time meeting new knitters and be surrounded by so many amazingly talented folks.  I cannot wait for next year!