Sew What?

New Home Sewing Machine Co. Model K

I love old things, heck that's part of the reason why I'm an archaeologist, but honestly lately I've been really obsessed with old knitting needles and other old craft items. A few months ago I found an old sewing machine in a cabinet at a local thrift shop. I've been wanting a small table for my entryway for a while and with the sewing machine enclosed I figured it was the perfect purchase. I've been slowly researching it on the Internet and trying to find out more about it. I also need to get a new cord for the machine because it has the internal electrical cords but I can't find one to plug into the wall socket. So my progress on research and wiring has been a bit delayed MS3. I'm still on 2 clue but enjoying it much more than clue 1.

Pfaff 360 Automatic

Well today I decided to go back to the same thrift store just to see if they had any old knitting needles. When I purchased my new home sewing machine I also picked up a pair of metal knitting needles from Czechoslovakia which I thought were pretty cool. Well today I found a cool ruler, a red crochet hook, and on my way back to the furniture section I found another sewing machine. This on is a Pfaff 360 Automatic in its cabinet and it works!!! I fell in love with it, when I got it home I realized that it had its original manual with it and its original date stamped tag from the manufacturer. It was made in Germany on the 28th of March 1963. How cool is that! I'm pretty excited. As I was exciting the thrift store an older lady informed me of a sewing machine repair shop just around the corner that gives lessons to folks with older machines. It sounds cheesy but with these two old machines I keep thinking about the folks that would have used them and what they might have made with them. Its like a little treasure trove of craftiness history sitting in my house, waiting to be used again, I wonder what I'll make first????


hopalong682003 said...

I wasn't expecting that the 63 sewing machine would look so modern! What are you planning to sew?

hopalong682003 said...

You'll have to tell me what you're planning to sew. I was surprised how modern the 63 machine looks.