When life throws you lemons stab them with your knitting needles!!

Adara Rainbow Shawl

So I've been knitting more lately, and well when I say more I mean a lot more. Somewhere along the past few months of researching ms, taking medications, switching insurance plans, and losing a pet I lost the desire for crafting. Sure I'd pick up something here or there and think oh this is the project that will get me crafting again. Sooner than later I would lose interest and spend my time trying to figure out what was missing. Crafts were missing, consistent crafting was definitely missing.

One of the sad and sometimes funny aspects of multiple sclerosis is my forgetfulness at times. There are days when this is scary and there are days when it makes me laugh. For instance, I love Ravelry and yet if I'm not consistently on it searching new projects I totally forget about its existence. I know how could anyone addicted to Ravelry forget about it (that's the not so fun part of ms). Then when a good friend of mine mentions something she saw on Ravelry I get all excited and the light bulb goes off in my head remembering how much I love searching around that site. It makes me laugh because its like rediscovering something you love all over again.

I love knitting, I love it. I love reading about it, I love doing it, I love yarn, needles, stitch markers, row counters, charts, darning needles, blogs, Ravelry, patterns...etc....I forgot how much I loved it and how much I need it in my life. Thanks to Ravelry I can track projects that I'm working on and set goals for myself of new projects I would like to try. So that's the plan for now. I've currently got a few projects that I'm working on and a few projects that I've got the yarn picked out for. My ultimate goal is this! I know its a little scary but there are a lot of things in life that are a little scary, or a lot scary and I have to constantly remind myself when the self doubt creeps in that all knitting is just made up of two stitches and I only have to work on one stitch at a time.


Acorn to Oak said...

I love the stuff you're working on. The shawl looks like 'you'. The tams are soooo cute! It's great to hear you're crafting again! It's so good for the soul. It feels weird when things get so stressful with life that we abandon something that can be so calming and that we love. I can relate cuz I do that sometimes. When I finally sit down and knit or something, everything seems to get a lot better. Ahhhh! :)

Acorn to Oak said...

Your "Meez" is sooo cool! I hope you don't mind that I went and got one too. If I did it right you should get 500 "coinz" for me signing up. :-)

hopalong682003 said...

I love how the Rainbow shawl is turning out. So cool! And, I'm thrilled that you're knitting and bobbin lacing. I have so much fun crafting wiht you. :-)

Lisa Emrich said...


I have an MS Blogger Project underway over at my place. Please visit MS Awareness, Blogging Friends, and a little Link Love to join in.