Keep Moving Forward......

I can hardly believe its 2009! Where do all of the days go? It amazes me how fast time goes by while you are dealing with different ever changing aspects of your life. Recently I started a different MS medication so my timeline on things have been pretty reversed. I'm hopeful that this time the progression of MS will be slowed down. After having my last MRI and seeing the progression of MS lesions in my brain from a year ago it was quite hard to face starting over on new shots and hoping that they work. Its a waiting game and can be quite overwhelming at times but I think I'm finally coping with the changes MS brings the best I can.
Craft wise I'm making as many craft messes in my house that I can. I've been knitting, spinning, painting, sewing, and general mischief making. I've been really enjoying knitting socks and have had socks on the brain for months now. For my birthday my husband got me an Ashford Joy spinning wheel and I just love it! I've been spinning more and am starting to get obsessed with rovings. I just really enjoy the creative process. I also adore catching up on blogs especially my friend Susan's blog. She is so wise and so creative, I just love her patterns!!! They challenge me and insipre me and I'm constantly wondering what she is going to come up with next.
Day by day, week by week, life trods along. With the good and the bad I try to remember a line from one of my favorite Disney movies ...."keep moving forward."


Acorn to Oak said...

Happy New Year! It's great to see you blogging again! Good luck with your new meds. I hope they work for you. I heard a story recently about some leukemia drugs that are working great for some MS patients. Have you heard about that? From what you said before, it sounds like it's a guessing and hoping game. Hopefully this new one will be the right one. I have my fingers crossed for you! :o}