Corn, Beans, and Squash

Corn Fields in Minnesota

Last night was craft night at the Crochet Cafe and I had a blast. I managed to turn the heel on my Cherry Tree Hill Socks but was easily distracted by some of the new items that showed up when I was on vacation.

I am easily entertained but when I saw these I could hardly contain my glee! Square knitting needles! Who would have thought! Now I love all things knitting and I have more than my fair share of knitting needles but I never thought I would see square knitting needles! They are so gorgeous I can hardly wait to try them out. I was instantly trying to sort out what I wanted to knit on them when oops my brain was distracted by the discovery of yarn made out of corn!!! Yes, CORN!!!! At this point I didn't know what to do with myself, the colors, the textures, heck the fact that it was made of corn was enough of a reason for me to want to try them!

In college I took an introductory anthropology class which discussed in great detail the importance of agriculture and cultures; more specifically the main staples of early agriculture "corns, beans and squash." Instead of Anthro 101 the class should have been "Corns, beans, and squash 101." Everything centered around "corn, beans and squash" growing it, trading it, preparing it, when certain cultures had it, how it affected trade, you name it somehow, someway it seemed like everything had to deal with corn, beans, and squash. Corn especially was very important to numerous cultures and now, in the form of yarn it enters the realm of crafting culture. Who'd a thunk it?

While I gazed in amazement in the assortment of corn yarn I struggled with the idea of what I would make out of it and then I saw it......a glorious sock pattern utilizing corn yarn! Even cuter is the name of the pattern Pop!Corn

After the discovery of the square knitting needles and corn yarn it became apparent that progress was going to be halted on the Cherry Tree Hill socks. Who can blame me though??? It's yarn made out of corn!

I started on the socks this morning and so far I love the yarn, its soft, it doesn't split, and the color is so vibrant and cheery! I love discovering new things that are unexpected and delightful!