Socks, Stamps, Shopping, and Smiling

Maui Sunset =)

What a whirlwind couple of days. Teaching, knitting, shopping, driving, and lots of smiling pretty much sums it up. I finally got to catch up with my friends Kelli and Matt, unfortunately our other partner in crime Amy was out of town and she was greatly missed, but it was great seeing Kelli and Matt. We had a yummy lunch, saw a hilarious movie, and managed to drag Matt shopping and he was a great sport about it!

I survived teaching my first knitting class without too many bumps and bruises. It's ironic that I feel completely comfortable waxing and waning on and on about archaeology and the historical development of cultural ecological theory in graduate school but get me to teach knitting socks (something I love and a lot less complicated) and I need a Valium or about 10 skeins of hand dyed sock-yarn to calm myself down. The class had some ups and downs but I think that for the most part it went pretty good, we'll see how class 2 goes in a couple of weeks but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone will get their homework done and succumb to the propaganda I have been spewing about the joy of knitting socks.

Speaking of socks, the Pop! Corn socks are making some excellent progress, I could go on and on about the corn yarn again but I already did that a few days ago and I'm sure I'll be mentioning it enough as the socks progress. The cuff is done, the body is done, the heel is turned and I'm only a few inches away from the toe. Unfortunately the other Calypso socks that I have been working on have taken the back-burner to the Pop! Corn socks. The other socks shall now be referred to as Kelli's Socks since I succumbed and showed the sock in progress to her when we got together for lunch and a movie this weekend. Ordinarily I'm really good about picking out yarn for certain people (Kelli in particular since she likes such bright colors) and I honestly didn't expect the yarn to knit up and scream "Kelli" as much as they did when I started working on them. I figure resistance is futile but I can at least drag out the knitting progress for a little bit before I have to surrender them. =) On the other hand, the faster I get Kelli's socks finished the sooner I free up my needles for another pair of Corn least I have my motivation!

Taking a break from knitting I've realized that the first step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem. So here it goes...... I'm a stampaholic. Stamps, paper, ink, embellishments, flocking, and dare I say it...GLITTER......I can't help it.

I think the best part about being crafty is learning new things and meeting new people. Today it was great because I ran into a few ladies that I had taken some classes with at the Stampin Post and we could rush around the store oohing and aweing over the new stamps! It was so much fun! I feel so lucky that I have the Crochet Cafe where I love to hang out. I never thought I'd be a craft store groupie but between the fabulous classes, great location, and awesome friendships that I've formed with the owner Debra, and other people I've met at craft night, it's great to have a home away from home to just sit, chat and work on projects. Life is always full of ups and downs, and from time to time some smile shortages, however I'm learning tapping into my creativity and sharing it with like-minded individuals provides and endless supply of easily accessible smiles.

Not to mention you really can't go wrong glitter, stamps, sock yarn or corn yarn for that matter....What can I say......I'm easily entertained....