Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad and I on my Wedding Day

Today is my dad's birthday! So I figured I would dedicate today's blog to my dad.

My dad is quite the guy, he can fix anything, open anything, and pretty much do anything. He's kind, sweet, caring, strong, compassionate, handy, helpful, funny, sarcastic, smart, humble, gentle, and most of all loving. I've learned the importance of hard work and how it pays off at the end of the day. My studying capabilities for school are totally the result of my dad who used to read my assignments and "hammer" me right before a test. My problem solving abilities comes from my dad who could always figure a way to fix something or make something better.

Not to brag but my dad can fix just about anything, or if you need a random thing-a-ma-bob that you saw on TV to make some new fandangled craft that peaked your interest, he can figure out how to make you one. He can build doll houses, piano benches, bread boxes, cabins, chicken coops, shelves, book cases, spare parts for toys that are broken, and he can make the best cupcakes you've ever had. He can read the most boring paper you've ever written for grad school and come up with insightful questions. If you need a set of doll chairs and a table for your tea parties, he can make you one (now my mom might steal it and keep you from it once you grow up, but that is just because it is so cute).

If you are going to be living on an island for 6 weeks one summer for an archaeological dig and you need a bunch of tools as a part of the project he can figure out the best ones to get and even some that you didn't think of. You need tools for a new wire jewelry project that you aren't quite sure about he can tell you what might work (and he's always right on the money).

When you are little and your hair needs to be curled for a dance recital and your mom is at work, he can figure it out. He can play barbies and He-man and set up an entire battalion of green army men in your living room while your mom is at work. He knows that even though it has a funny name "aba zabbas" and "big hunks" are the best candy to eat when flying model airplanes on the weekends. He knows that the best treat after dance class with your best friend is the Yogurt Mill with jelly beans "on the side." He knows that even if you are lost all day on a 3-wheel motorcycle it can be fun (even when your mom is livid when you finally get back). My dad knows that the best clam strips are in Morro Bay and that climbing on the rocks there is a lot better then going antique shopping. My dad knows how to pan for gold with patience (even though you've been a brat the whole trip and refused to eat anything other than McDonalds). He knows that the best hotel is one that has a pool, even though your mom thinks you're crazy for wanting to go swimming when its freezing.

He can teach you how to drive a stick shift without scaring the heck out of you (except that one time on the hill). He can encourage you when you decide to throw shot put and discus in high school because some guy said you couldn't (even though you are the smallest one on the team). When you decide in college to be an archaeologist he thinks its cool, unlike most of your friends parents who give you the blank stare followed by the comment "and what are you going to do for a real job."

On your wedding day he can calm you down when the emotions start getting to you, he can dance with you, talk with your friends, and welcome your husband into your family. He can help you move when its hotter than hell, baby sit your insane dogs that keep your parents up all night, and drive all the way to your house to check on your cats when you are on vacation. He can appreciate the time it takes to knit a sock, he's interested in the new craft projects you are working on and wants to know how you made them.

When your favorite uncle dies and you are beyond devastated he is there for you with hugs and support even though you feel like the world around you is crumbling. He's always there to let you know that things will work out and everything will be OK; somehow even if you don't believe it, you believe in him and that is enough.

My dad is freaking awesome. He knows how to love unconditionally, be supportive, encouraging and sympathetic. He is a strong man and a fabulous person. So here's to my dad, I hope he has a Happy Birthday and always know how much I love and respect him.

I love you Dad!


Susie H said...

Wow - I don't know you, or know your dad, but I know from your post that he is a lovely, lovely person. What a wonderful gift you gave him, and anyone reading, by posting this. Bless him!